Rosy Picture; Details, not so much

Police officers on horses look so majestic.  (I got this picture from the Internet.)

Also, a little tie with New York's past.  Also, it is urban legend that being a Mountie is a reward for extraordinary valor.  So, these officers on mount deserve to stand taller than the rest of us.

Yet . . . .

As I was walking to the subway on another hot day, a Mountie passed by and his horse was pooping as they walked along.  I didn't have time to catch a picture of the Mountie, but here is the goodies left over:

The next day the scene looked slightly better, after some time and a little traffic could run over it.

I bet you are wondering what is on the sidewalk right next to the horse manure.  You are, aren't you?  Yes, you are.  I know it: