Rotten Wood and Spotty Internet

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to Lowe’s we go.

The Fokker dwelling has been diagnosed with water damage, AKA wood rot. Thus, the exterior of our abode must be coated with something. We can’t afford brick (more’s the pity) so it’s going to be all about the vinyl up in here. Happily, they now make vinyl siding that looks like stone. Like, you’d have to touch it to know it was fake looks like stone.

stacked-stone-siding-sedona bluff

I’m favoring the Sedona Bluff style.

I’m trying to look at the bright side of all this. By swapping the hardwood floors we were going to install with engineered hardwood floors, we can use the savings to do most of the vinyl siding. Sadly, one door and several windows also have to be replaced, so that means the vacation we had planned for June has gone buh-bye. I am reminding myself that this is disappointing, but in the grand scheme of things we are blessed beyond imagining so Imma not whine.

What IS making me whine, silly though it is to whine about, is the shitty interwebs access we’re getting from Comcast for the last two weeks. There are BIG patches of the day when there is not internet service at all and it makes me the sad. I have blogging to do, dammit.

On a positive note, the lack of internet meant that I was left with nothing to do (except sit on the couch and read all day which I’d LOVE to do but is not conducive to home-making or my writing career) is to clean out my closets and move furniture around. Them closets is organized now, y’all.

Now, we’ll see if Comcast can hold it’s shit together long enough for me to post this …


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