A Round of Applause for Max

The second season TV show Parenthood keeps me coming back, week, after week, after week.  Besides the good writing and timely beat of the show, Parenthood speaks to me.  Max Burkholder impresses me every week in his character Max.  Burkholder doesn’t miss a beat on portraying a kid with Aspergers; whether it is his lack of eye contact or an obsession of how many items a person has in the 10 or less check-out lane the autism community applauds you.
Playing a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be difficult for even the most seasoned actors, so congratulations to Burkholder for giving a true to life image of a child with ASD.  Since 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with ASD every year having a TV episode that every week comes back to show how families live with ASD is important to learning about differences.

Keep up the good work Parenthood cast and keep the lime light on ASD.

Thanks for reading... looking for information about parenting a child on the autism spectrum, click here we can help.  Peace here and around the world, Angela


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