This Round to McCain?

The choice McCain made in choosing Palin will be his downfall, or take him sailing into the White House in a blaze of glory.

We know there are those so angry about the whole Clinton thing they are willing to vote for someone diametrically opposed to all of Clinton’s positions. These people will vote on their emotions, much to the detriment of their daughters and sons, but remember it was always about them, never about the candidate.

Something I wrongly and naively assumed early on was that people voted on the issues. Much to my dismay I have discovered people do not vote on issues, they vote based on fear, sensation, hate, and pride. In a less dramatic but similar fashion to the post 9-11 election where fear was used so effectively, anger and distraction is being used quite effectively this time around.

When the media starts attacking Governor Palin in their well known and not so discreet misogynistic way, women will disregard their concern for their right to choose, the environment, education,
economy, corruption, Iraq, and rally around her, and by osmosis McCain.

Similar to the great job Democrats did last time around belittling religion (a tactic which drove away those non fanatics who happen to believe. I imagine they drove away a few people like Joe Biden), they again use a tested and failed tactic. Last time they did it with the help of the media and minions, some who profess to be journalist, and some who excuse themselves because they are really just comediennes. This time seems no different. It pains me to see it.

Not just women will vote that way mind you, so don’t go there. When gun toting liberals and the anti-environmentalists get ticked at the attacks on her policy regarding their passion emotion will spring from that corner as well.

There is no doubt this women is being exploited, but it’s an
exploitation she seems to have chosen, to think otherwise is silly. To think she is not up to the task is second guessing. We don’t know if she is or not. I doubt she is completely unprepared. Though I’ve heard a rather abysmal and embarrassing interview she had with “Time” a few weeks ago regarding Iraq, in which she certainly did not sound like someone who would be able to take over for McCain should something happen to him, she will be well versed the next time. I am guessing she is a fast learner.

That she fought corruption, but is under investigation for abuse of her own power, and a Maverick for mining interests, will concern very few people.

A Creationist who suggested Creationism be taught in public schools along with Evolution, but almost immediately reversed that thought when it became apparent her constituency would not stand for it. Well, she does what the majority of the voters want.

She supported the bridge to nowhere until it because obvious the political
tide was turning. She quickly changed her stance, trying new ways to get that bridge. She’s adaptable.

That she is against choice for women. Women without ovaries are hardly going to care because it is about them now,not twenty years ago. The fence sitting Evangelical women have just jumped off the fence.

She wants to drill for oil Alaska? Even if that were the case isn’t it at least ten years before that would be workable? Shouldn’t we be off oil by then? Most people doubt we will ever be off oil, because of yet no really workable time-lined commitment to another solution has been presented, backed or instituted by our legislative bodies.

Her experience managing a very large state with a rather small
population effectively, managing to do what she wants there, when
necessary changing her policy to follow the law or public sentiment,
does not necessarily mean she is not prepared, or a flip flopper. Palin is a good manipulator. We’ve had good manipulators in our government for years now, the best the last eight years for sure, but all politicians are manipulators on some level. In a country so easily manipulated by politicians and media, and where it is likely to be the case for some time to come, this is not always a liability.

She is a horrible choice for me in so much as the Republicans ( where we are because of them, and where we will go should they retain the Presidency), are a horrible choice for me . Palin is a choice I could ideologically never muster an ounce of support for, so I cringe at the instant attacks, the constant media and blog attention already given to this women. Proving one again the McCain camp is aware of how easily distracted the American people are, and good at figuring out a way to use the short attention span to help fragment by anger those who might otherwise vote against them.

It is McCain we need to pay attention to, he is not dead and
probably will not be dead before his four years are up should he win. That we are focusing on her so vehemently has got to be a godsend for McCain. The more we focus on her the less our arguments against McCain are heard.

This round goes to the Republicans, and unless the Democrats wise up
and start focusing on McCain the whole enchilada will be his to eat.


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