Routine, Routine, Routine

I cannot tell you how good it felt to step off the plane and be back home.  For the past few weeks I have been considering where I might be in June.  Our church moves their pastors ever so often.  Singles get moved more.  I am single.  See the thought process?

This past holiday season was rough on me emotionally.  I went through a lot of firsts for me during this time period, and a lot of "agains".  One of the things I really do enjoy is being in my room.  It is slowly becoming one of those dreamy rooms where it is nothing but bliss:  fluffy pillows, lovely linens, artwork to inspire and enjoyment.  I have words such as wish, dream, imagine and believe because I love waking up to these words to make me happy. I have a t.v., but rarely use it.  I prefer to read or be on the computer.

The best part about returning home is finally settling into my bed.  Even as we speak I am snuggled under the covers while my puppy slowly drifts off for the night's slumber.  I will be rehabing a headboard shortly then finally hanging artwork above it.  I am getting new linens for my bed too.  I tell you all of these things because they truly make me happy.  My bedroom is my safe place.  When I don't want to deal with the world I go crawl into bed; when I want to feel like I am "complete" aka cozy, enveloped, protected, even loved (because my dog won't leave my side), I burrow into my bed and just relax.


There is a routine about it.  I tell my dog it is time to "moi moi" which means "go to bed" in Hawaiian.  Oh yeah.  I am Hawaiian by the way.  My dog looks at me then looks up at the staircase.  He knows what moi moi means.  Then he races me upstairs.  I say "in your bed" and he makes a clear shot for his dog bed on the one corner of my bed.  I settle in for the night by taking whatever medication needs to be taken or moisturize my face, etc, then I let my body just settle.

There is something about that initial feeling of just letting go and letting your body finally rest.  That is my routine, and it works for me.  When I am upset, the first thing I want to do is to go to my room because it is my safest place in the whole world.  Make sure you have a safe place for you to go and "hide".  The comfort of my routine kind of keeps me anchored too.  Have your safe place and a routine to return to because it becomes a part of you.  It is familiar like an old sweater  you just love to wear.

Good thing for today:  I got to go back home.

Until tomorrow,




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