The Royal Wedding: A Much Needed Break From Reality

Every year has its ups and downs; but it seems like 2011 has already had its share of tragedies.  Between the high gas prices, the horrendous events that struck China, the verbal mud-slinging between Republicans and Democrats that could have ultimately shut down the government, the dangerous and debilitating storms that hit Alabama and many other states, it’s no wonder that people seem to be a little moody these days. 

Many people have expressed their unhappiness with the much publicized coverage of the Royal Wedding which has occurred over the past few months.  “Why should America care?” “Why are they shoving this in our faces, it’s just a wedding?” “It is stupid to put so much attention on this wedding when there is tragedy everywhere and dying people.  Doesn’t anyone care?”  The short answer is yes, we do care.  But once in a while, we need a break from the bad news.  We need a chance to hope for the best for a change. 

Face it, isn’t it nice to hear about something happy on the news instead of the usual stories of murder, disaster and other crimes?  Yes, sometimes the media tends to overdo their stories, and it can feel a bit overwhelming at times.  Not everyone wants to know about Kate Middleton’s before wedding beauty routine, or who designed her wedding ring, but I’ll take that over a struggling economy story any day.

We shouldn’t hide from the truth.  Things are happening in the world right now that people do need to know about and need to be a part of.  Turning a blind eye or pretending problems do not exist is downright stupid; we are only hurting ourselves.  But instead of complaining about the televised events of the Royal Wedding, take it for what it is; the union of two people who love each other.  A regular (albeit very wealthy) young girl is experiencing a dream come true.  The future of England is happening right in front of us. 

Don’t worry, soon enough we can get back to our regularly scheduled lives and hear the reporting of typical daily news and this will be all forgotten until the next big event.  But can’t we just stop and smile?  Can’t we just forget about the cost of the wedding or the politics of it all and just wish them the best?  Just a crazy thought from an optimist, I suppose.  Cheerio!


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