The Royal Wedding - Using it as a Homeschool Lesson

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© National News/ZUMAPRESS.comRight now, it's 7:19 a.m. in Toronto and Prince William is married - the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! My son - the true boy that he is - is still sleeping. He couldn't really care less about weddings, let alone a Royal one! The picture on my original blog post was taken at my husband's and my vow renewal that we had this summer. It was far from a Royal wedding - but it was a wedding. We exchanged vows and did things we did not do in our first wedding. We had a minister, readings, and song - just like the Royals - much smaller scale - but it was an example to our son of our love for one another.

I listened to the talk by the Archbishop of Canterbury this morning. How true when he said that on our wedding day, we are all kings and queens. A true lesson about what the sanctification of marriage means that we should leave with this day. This wedding shows how the world is in total awe over a couple they don't even know. It amazes me that the true meaning of love is not lost today in the world. The world is celebrating the love of two people, maybe a bit overblown, but still celebrating their love. A far better cry than to be fighting amongst each other.

This day is now a 'teaching moment' for me. I can use it to back up my son's studies about the Lord and how He is important in marriage, in life, in everything. We can discuss Christian philosophies and how the world is excited about the love of two people, which should carry on amongst all couples - not just royal ones. Each love that is joined in marriage should be honoured and celebrated amongst their friends and family. It always amazes me how people would probably go, if invited, to a Royal wedding but would shun their own family wedding. We have to get our priorities straight in life. We are all important, and each wedding should be one of pageantry because the Lord is present, joining the hands of the couple so they can walk through the path of life together.

Today, I want to remind my son that we are ALL royals when it comes to marriage and it is not about waiting for your 'princess' to come, but your match in life that will uphold your values and be there for you to guide you and keep you with the Lord, so that you never sway from the path.

I hope you have a Blessed day!

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