Royal Weddings Are Worth the Wait! But Royal Marriages, Do They Ever Last?

I was 14 when Prince Charles and Princes Diana walked down that long aisle with her fairy tale gown and cute little flower girls. I was drooling in front of the TV because for me, it was truly a Cinderella story that came to life.   I also witnessed when William was born and then Harry.  I thought then, when Royals wed, it's always a happily ever after.  Of course I was very wrong—the events that transpired where devastating—fast forward:  my Cinderella was even killed:-(

I am excited about the William & Kate engagement (my blog is even hopeful and short with full of hope, go to CATWife in BKK)  Actually, like when I was 14, I am more excited about the glitter and the glam of it.  But the whole process of the marriage, I am very skeptical.  I would not know the pressure they go though, how demanding it is (especially for Kate, I imagine) but like any commoner or real people,  I am full of hope that maybe, just maybe,  this Royal Marriage will be for keeps.  

How do you feel about this big ROYAL news?  Your thoughts are so welcome.. I am curious.   


:-)  CATwife (aka Mia) 


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