Experience | From Page to Stage (Room 3)

When bloggers talk about “audience,” they usually mean readers. But have you ever considered reading your work, or speaking before a live audience? Does the idea intrigue you, or leave you terrified? Yes, and yes?

Differences exist in writing for a reader and for a listener, and in this workshop Amy Wilson (author of When Did I Get Like This and star of her one-woman show Mother Load) and Ann Imig ("Stay-at-Home-Humorist" and National Director of Listen to Your Mother) explore how to adjust your writing accordingly.

Amy and Ann will talk about all aspects of reading or performing before an audience, including: timing, working with audience reactions, tools to reduce stage fright, and finding the material you've already written that will work best in a reading or performance. Participants may volunteer to workshop a post out loud, using suggested tips from the facilitators and the audience. Finally, they’ll discuss how to create your own opportunities to perform your work and bring it to a wider audience.