Experience | Lose Your Inhibitions, Live Your Dreams, Learn the “Single Ladies” Dance (Room 3)

At BlogHer ’10, Jenny Eckton of formerly phread got to live out one of her dreams and dance in front of a crowd.  And the crowd loved it. But here’s a little secret: she says she’s not really what you would call a dancer. She’d say she’s a dancer in her mind and in her dreams, unbeknownst to those watching her change diapers and motor her minivan around town.

Blogging often helps us recognize and realize the dreams that motherhood and/or work may leave little space for. And that's what this session will be about: getting back in touch with those dreams, through dance.  We’ll clear away the chairs and learn the dance that so many people were talking about last year. Prepare to toss aside your inhibitions and live your own dreams on the dance floor and throughout the weekend!