Room of Your Own | Leveraging Your Blog to Build E-Products for Sale (Room 4)

Tara Mohr, author of Wise Living blog, blogger for Huffington Post, and creator of the "Playing Big" online course for women, moderates the conversation with Megan Auman, author of the Crafting an MBA blog and creator of the Marketing for Makers program, and Tara Gentile, author of Scoutie Girl blog and creator of the Website Kick Start & Art of Action programs. Together they will share lessons they’ve learned as they’ve utilized their blog content and community to create successful products. In this session, they’ll talk about how you can find out what kind of product your readers will actually buy from you; how to create a product that taps your natural strengths–so the process feels inspired and easy; how to gracefully transition into selling a product on your blog, without disrupting the community feel or seeming "sales-y"; how to price your product and get comfortable charging what your work is really worth; how to reach more people with your product, especially if your blog audience is still small; how to get your readers ready for the release of a product; and the unexpected benefits of offering a product on your blog.