The Rugged Babe

We’re a handcrafted blog with posts of interest to women who have an outdoorsy sensibility and a little bit o’ ladystyle to go along with it. We share fun, affordable ideas on clothing, gear, home and general lifestyle.

You might enjoy this blog if…

…you enjoy all things rugged: getting your hands dirty, getting your feet wet, being generally gutsy and not giving a shit

…you enjoy being a babe: embracing your glorious womanhood in the workplace, the home, and the BEDROOM! RAWR!

…you’re a former Girl Scout wondering why the fun had to stop (and where are all your sit-upons?)

…you’re a hard-charging career gal who longs for weekend adventures away from your five thousand screens and devices

…you went to sleepaway camp, and you find yourself feeling nostalgic for bunkmates and color wars

…you never went to sleepaway camp, and you’ll never forgive your parents for that major oversight

…you’re not afraid of bugs

…you stare directly at campfires, danger and the sun