The Rules Girls Are Back -- and More Annoying Than Ever

The Rules Girls are back--and more annoying than ever, at least as far as their remarks
in New York Magazine's recent "Sex" issue goes. Even after Penn satirized them and Teller's program "BullSh&t," they continue to sound like that simply can't stop themselves from attacking other women who disagree with them. When we were all on Oprah together, I certainly found that to be the case. As you can see from this piece in People, we didn't emerge as BFFs, but it was a fascinating experience.

In 1996, I appeared on Oprah debating with these two "girls" who had written a book titled The Rules (I call them "girls" because that's what they called themselves. They are exactly my age. We all graduated from high school in 1975) the rest over at the Huffington Post!

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