Rumination: to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly, to engage in contemplation, to reflect.

As a young girl on the playground of my elementary school, I knew I was Grandpa's girl, I was Jody's best friend, I could do anything I wanted to do 'cause Grandma said so, I could play baseball as good as the neighborhood boys and I could turn  mean cartwheels. At eight, there wasn't a need to ponder anymore than just that!The only things that could make me cry were skinned knees, bee stings, and the boy who sat behind me in class pulling my hair. Life was just that simple then.

I am now a woman of, well, I am no longer eight, that's for sure, and those lazy days are long gone! The truths I knew then have definitely been revised. For instance, my heart says I can still turn  cartwheels but my body says "are you nuts?" Barbie and Ken have been replaced by the Sims. Pen pals are now chat buddies. Twitter has replaced the party lines of yesteryear and speed dating looks a lot like "free love" from the sixties.

The slogan, "Reach Out and Touch" has become "Facebook Me." Now I can bowl in my living room instead of renting shoes at the neighborhood bowling alley. I can order a pizza online and can track my pizza from prep table to oven to box to car to driveway to my door!  No more looking at my watch wondering when will it arrive!!

I don't need a set of encyclopedias or a dictionary, I just google it! I don't have to wonder what my favorite stars are doing with their personal lives I only have to tune into the latest celebrity reality show. The Dating Game is no longer a thirty minute show with questions being fired at three possible dates behind a screen. It is  now a single bachelor or bachelorette and a pool of 25 romantic interests going on group dates. It takes a whole season to find out who the lucky winner is!

Facebook is the new water cooler and Twitter is the new Happy Hour!

The Rams have been the Cleveland Rams, the Los Angeles Rams and now the St. Louis Rams. The Raiders went from Oakland to Los Angeles and back to Oakland again. The Cleveland Browns are now  the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Oilers are the Tennessee Titans. (Whew, my head is spinning after that one!)

The truth, it seems, is always up for revision but some truths never change! Life is not fair, but it is good is one of those truths. It takes years to build up trust but only seconds to destroy it. Families aren't biological. Most of the stuff people worry about is not going to happen anyway. Letting the cat out of the bag is easier than putting it back in.

Friends come and go.You will not always get what you want. You are going to fail. There may be no tomorrow. Someone else will always have more. No one is in charge of your happiness but you. Whatever doesn't kill you really will make you stronger. However good or bad the situation is, it will change.

My life has been filled with truths and revisions. My grandmother used to get frustrated with me and shout, "I hope you have one just like you" but when I became pregnant with my first-born she recanted and told me "you know, I really didn't mean that when I said it." Ah, but he is Grandma! I always thought you get what you give but I have learned that you do not. I am glad this one is not true, especially when I am making someone else's life miserable.

Lightning doesn't strike twice but if you have ever had more than one traumatic incident in your life, then you know this one is up for revision. I never believed that time would heal, I only thought it created a new routine until in time, I found healing. And of course, Mr. Right has come and gone out of my life several times!

There are truths in my life that have not changed. My best friend Ann is my biggest fan even when I am wrong. My children love me in spite of myself. A crisis can bring out the best and the worst in me. If I look hard enough I can always find the positive in anyone or anything and I usually don't know how strong I am until forced to be strong. When I love, I love completely. I can not change anyone but myself.

And the one truth I am banking on... the best is yet to come! Thanks for letting me share!

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