I like schedules, love routine and my sleep is most peaceful when everything is in its place and nothing essential remains on my to-do list.


After a week of nose-wiping, potty cheering, student waffling, friend visiting, gym going and son puking, I got exactly half of my week's curriculum presented. After a night of salon-going, couch-slouching, tv watching, take-out eating and husband snuggling I got exactly none of my day's clean-up done. And I still have to get the yard cleaned up and the garbage hauled away and all of the other outside stuff that really, really should be done before the snow comes.

Also, my fish tanks haven't been cleaned in a few months. Our fish are several years old, and get fed only when I remember (I know, I know), so their tanks really aren't that dirty. Though, the little clown fish in Danica's room has started giving me the stink-eye....

So, I'm running behind a little bit. (Okay, a lot.) As a result of a three-event-in-three-days Thanksgiving weekend, the unwelcome onset of Canadian Cold Season (which is much worse than cold season any other place, I assure you), and my teething son.

Yes, he's teething. He's two years old and has been working on his two-year molars for almost a full year, now. They break through and recede. They grow water blisters from the constant inflammation. They make him develop sudden fevers and launch his stomach contents all down my back.

I love my son. The last molar broke through yesterday. Its debut was so exciting that Mike had to rush home from work, I had to disinfect my entire kitchen and dining room floor, and Shelton the Bouncing Lemur spent most of his day crashed out on the couch.

By 5pm the tooth had come down and he was eating like a lumberjack and jumping on the trampoline. If his five-year molars do this to him, he's spending that week with his grandparents.

So, yeah. I'm running behind. But, hey, guess what?

I ran today! Yes, RAN! For the first time since high school I put my runners on and ran!

(Don't worry about forwarding this on to all of your friends and loved ones. I expect to have national bill-boards purchased and television distribution rights secured by day's end.)

While Danica was at swimming lessons, I did two minute run/walk intervals in the field behind the pool. I know it's not a marathon, but it will be. In a couple of months, I'll be able to run 30 minutes without stopping.

And in a couple of years, I'll wear my runners on the flight to San Francisco. 'Cause I'll need all the luck I can handle for my first USATF certified road running event.


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