Running Affiliate Programs? What You Should Expect From Your Brand Partners

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Robert Glazer
You're building a well-read fashion, parenting or design blog, and your audience is growing on a daily basis. On a quest to turn the excitement of blogging into a business, you partner with your favorite brands... all of which correlate to your blog's theme. Checkmark! Let's the checks roll in, right? Not always. Thousands are bloggers are running affiliate programs yet not seeing any significant financial gain. While it sounds great to partner with well-known brands, the key to becoming a successful affiliate it to get a clear understanding of how affiliate programs work, and each one can be very different. In some cases, how a brand runs it's affiliate program can negatively affect an affiliate's financial success, regardless of the brand's "fit" with the blogger's audience. In this session, I will help advanced bloggers get a clear understanding how how to take their affiliate programs to the next level. My team and I currently manage affiliate programs for Tiny Prints, Layla Grace, One Kings Lane, and many more top-performing brands. We'll discuss: - How to get a clear understanding of a brand's affiliate program - and their affiliate network - before signing on - What to look for in the Terms & Conditions of an affiliate program to determine if it will be a good fit - Why programs that include toolbar and coupon sites as affiliates are a Red Flag (Note: Bloggers who have had success partnering with brands with excellent affiliate programs are encouraged to submit to join this discussion).