running around like a maniac. and then, salad.

purslane salad and edamame

For someone who makes it her business to cook and eat, I have my some weird eating habits.  Some days the idea of three square meals is a laughable concept.  I can spend a whole day just eating granola bars and popcorn.  And then other days I’m like this obnoxious, gluttonous freak, impossible to satiate.

Here is an example of a typical Glutton Day: Eighteen gallons of coffee.  Peaches and cottage cheese for breakfast.  Heels of bread and pilfered goat cheese during set-up at work.  Stolen potato chips when the chef isn’t looking, aKind Bar in the afternoon (please, I am an addict, I cannot stop eating Kind Bars every single day of my life).  A burger with fries dredged in mayonnaise for lunch, a taco truck on the way home, popcorn and a sectioned orange while I wait for the laundry delivery.  Then Mr. Softee chocolate soft serve with rainbow sprinkles (oh baby), an outrageously huge delivery order fromBaohaus, a bowl of cold spaghetti from the fridge, and a handful of raspberries before bed.

And then I’ll wake up and the next day and eat like, a handful of crackers, and few slices of cheese and an apple.  All day.   And be totally fine with it!  I don’t know what my problem is.  Maybe I have some rare blood borne disorder.  One with a super obvious name, like Eaterus-Obnoxiousism.

Anyway, yesterday was one of the obnoxious light-eating days.  I gleefully, ADD-fully spent the entire day scurrying from one place to another and crossing things off my insane to-do list.  I wrote out reams of grocery lists for upcoming posts, spent an hour wandering around the greenmarket, and did some research on writing classes (clearly, I am in need).  I had breakfast with the Big Man at our favorite diner.  I bought a hanging basket, chain, hooks and shelving units and installed all of them in various corners of the apartment.  I put away four millions pounds of laundry.  Oh, and! I even helped a  little old lady across the street (she was adorable, and came up to me at the light and asked me to hold her hand as we crossed, and told me all about her morning shopping for beef cuts at the butchers, and then gave me the sign of the cross and toddled off down the street.  It was the best part of my day)

So when I realized that I would have to like, stop my day and feed myself, I was almost indignant.  But I’m getting stuff done!  Like, stuff stuff!  And I had eaten a grapefruit and 2 eggs at the diner, come on!  But, no.  Around 2 pm, my stomach was growling and my attention span was shortening (the horror) and I had no choice but to pause and put something together.

It dawned on me then, pawing through the refrigerator, how truly thankful I am for the presence of food in my life.  Not only that it is abundant and available- which alone is a miracle I take for granted way too often- but that it actually forces me to stop spinning for a moment.  It makes me remember how very important it is to put only the good things in our bodies.  How simple, fresh things don’t need to be gussied up to be appreciated and respected. That good, clean food gives me the energy I need to continue running around like maniac.  Which is good, because I like running around like a maniac.

It was only a simple salad of purslane, local goat cheese, baby heirloom tomatoes, honey and olive oil.  But it was worth the pause.  And later in the night when I got hungry again, the quick edamame I boiled and tossed in seasonings was easy, fresh, local, and totally worth the fifteen minutes it took to singularly eat each pod, biting out the beans one by one.  Sometimes it really is the little things, and I know I would do well to shut my brain up for a while and remember that every once and a while.


I used to work next door to a Roy’s, and we would head over for cocktails more than I would like to admit.  Their edamame is to die for.  It’s sweet, salty and spicy and I did my best to recreate that here.  It works best with coarse ground sea salt and sanding sugar, since the crunchy texture on the pods is the best part.

2 cups fresh edamame pods

2 teaspoons coarse ground sea salt

2 teaspoons chili powder

2 teaspoons sanding sugar

Thoroughly wash the edamame since these suckers get pretty dirty.  Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and add the edamame, cooking for about five to eight minutes.  Drain well and toss with salt, sugar and chili powder.  Eat by sliding the beans out of the pod with your teeth and discarding the skins.

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