Running on Empty

     Barely able to drag myself out of my sheets this morning (didn't help that I was somehow bound like a mummy-- another restless night) I vowed to make myself run.  My typical routine is to walk my two youngest 2 to school while clothed in my stretchy wicking gear.  I then continue loping on one of my well-trod loops after completing the death march with the doomed 5th and 7th graders (our uplifting morning conversations have come to a screeching halt  since we've all realized that we are not and probably never will be morning people).  Running has been a way to keep my sanity while raising 5 kids.  It also satisfies my attempts to fight off physical deterioration while also feeding the delusion of feeling young and strong.

      Sadly, eventhough the runs still keep me somewhat sane (my family would probably disagree) I seem to have lost my ability to improve.  My runs mirror my life at the big plateau, or dare I say, a downhill adventure.  Downhill may be a too kind description.  Uphill is what it feels matter what, I am a wimpy jogger wheezing up the hills with lead feet.  All of my prior fitness and enthusiasm seems to have been sucked away by my other duties siphoned off for other people.  I tell people that I'm recharging my batteries during this time of my life.  Two kids off to college, one in the wings trying to get through the application process and the two at home (miserably going to school every day with their jog-attired mom) has taken the wind out of me.  Or, at least, that's the story I'm going with for now.

     Enough excuses.  I know which direction to go...more creativity, fun, adventure and risk must be part of my life.  Enough navel-gazing and more get out the door and do something good, useful, kind, passionate and meaningful.  I think this blog will be a start, even if I haven't yet been back out the door since my jog this morning.  


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