Running Like a Girl ( A Must Read for Female Runners)

Last Thursday I received a package from Simon & Shuster book publishers. I excitedly opened it to see what it was. Inside, I found a complimentary copy of Running Like a Girl : notes on learning how to run by Alexandra Heminsley.

After reading the press release and several lines of praise for the author, I immediately knew this was going to be a fun book to read.
British author, Alexandra Heminsley,  writes so candidly about her running experiences that I almost though this was a book of fiction, but it's not. It is her own personal account.  I have read many books by British author Sophie Kinsella ( The Shopoholic series, Can you Keep a Secret, Remember Me, etc) and this book was written in the same humorous style. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sophie Kinsella, think Bridget Jones takes on running!

Ms. Heminsley ( or Alex) as she refers to herself in the book, didn't start taking a interest in running until she was in her 30's. She had always admired how energized and refreshed her flat mate (roommate) was after she had returned from a run and was hoping to experience the same feelings once she began her own running journey.  I didn't happen!

Alex set her sights on the London Marathon. As a reader ( and runner myself) I was curious to find out why she didn't start out with a few smaller races and work her way up to a marathon, but  according to the book, the London Marathon was her first attempt at a race.

She discusses her thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences that I assume every woman runner has wanted to know or discuss at some point in their running career. 

She tells about her first experience in a high end running store where she wanted to get a proper pair of running shoes. The sales associate will not help her because she will need to be measured and you have to make an appointment for that. There were no appointments available the day she was there.

She discusses the one thing more important than a proper pair of running shoes is a proper running bra. Did you know you can do more bodily harm running in the wrong bra than in the wrong pair of shoes? Heminsley talks about the unknown damage that woman can sustain while running in an ill fitted bra.

O yes, what happens if you have to go to the bathroom on a long run and you are... READ MORE HERE




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