Running Goals

As a kid I was never a runner. I started running when I was 19 and actually really liked how I felt (after the run was over, of course, haha.) 

I can run a ten minute mile no problem whatever, but that's more of a jogging pace and I'd really love to do an eight minute mile.

On Friday I finally ran a four minute half mile. My dad ran cross country in high school and I told him the reason I can't keep going is because my lungs hurt. He told me that if my lungs give out before my legs that I'll be able to achieve my goals sooner, because I just need to increase my lung capacity.

Does anyone have any tips for increasing lung capacity?

My running ability is much better than it used to be. When I first started running I couldn't even jog slowly for more than a minute. Now I do a lot of interval training (run at 8 mph for 30 seconds to a minute then walk at 3.5 for a minute - two minutes), jogging (usually 2 miles at 5.5-6 mph) and most lately working on achieving my 8 minute mile (currently half way there).

It's kind of cool to have a goal to strive for other than a specific weight. I'm motivated to eat healthy now so that my body is more able to run with ease, rather than because I want to lose weight (which I admittedly still do want to lose weight but I'm trying not to obsess over that.)

What are your health and fitness goals?

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