Running is my roadmap to life....

I started running six years ago...after a breakdown, three children, and much needed change in my life. I have never looked back!  Running gave me hope and strength that I could do and acheive anything that I possibly set my mind to. Since that time, I have run five marathons and am signed up for my sixth in October.

On 9/11, I ran my most memorable marathon ever. I used the time to reflect on my life, the lives of those lost ten years ago, and the many life lessons that running has gifted me in the last several years.

I posted a story of my run on my weekly Mamalode Column. Here is an excerpt from the story:

I began to reflect upon my own journey of peace since that fateful day ten years ago. For a time, I lost my faith  in humanity. I didn’t want to bring any more children into the world that was so broken. Life then had the feeling of hell on earth hot as the molten steel and sharp as the glass that sprinkled emotional cuts deep into everyone in America. I didn’t know anyone that died, but friends did. And by the notion of six degrees of separation I cried for days and struggled to explain to my two young children how such evil could exist in the world.

You can read the entire story here:

How do you use fitness as a tool to gain insight and wisdom in your life?

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