Running to Quit

My big question, guilty feelings, depressed everytime I see a commercial about the implications of smoking...aghhhh, can I quit smoking by running? Years ago, I quit while at the same time running almost everyday miles and miles. I tried 4 days without a cigarette to then fail on the 5th but partly I tried the nicotine patch, and got very sick and I think I had nicotine overdose. Not fun. Felt myself being extremely irritable and short tempered.

Everyone around me was taking the toll. Felt terrible about it but what do you do? It is my own doing but I see why people would go to some retreat or  go live in a cave while quitting. So I stop my whining and instead of just trying to stop with no counteractive behavoir, I want to run it away. That probably sounds problematic, I enjoy running. My boyfriend says  I am a zenophobe at times and I deliciously enjoy the solidarity of running. The common recommendation would be to register for a race...goal to supercede the quitting smoking and give other reasons for the running.  

Anyway, we all dream of changes to our lives or the way we might take care of ourselves. It is very difficult to take care of yourself and work above and beyond fulltime. So part of you surrenders alittle, do I do alittle less at work to make time for myself and then have to accept loss of leverage or control of the work situation....( i know sounds like I am a control freak& paranoid) but I live in the competitive city in the world. 


Anyway, this weekend we ride the motorycle to the east side river, 86th street down to the east village, I run. 


Wish me luck.


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