Everywhere I look it seems that people are rushing……Rushing from one thing to the other……People seem to be moving so quickly some are not even fully aware of what is going on around them……It is understandable that everyone has commitments and obligations in life…..and has timelines to uphold….I understand that….What I don’t understand fully is why people keep adding to their over busy life….

Busy is not the same as Productive…..Those are both different. I think if we are thinking Smart we likely don’t have to be as busy as we think we do…..Thinking smart requires us to decide what is important in our lives and what is not so important….People simply spend so much time loading up their plate of life that they don’t have the time to enjoy it….Rushing prevents us from fully enjoying and embracing what we are doing in our present moments….We get too worried about the next event we have to show up for.

I notice most people “hurried” or rushing talk fast, move fast, and are almost always preoccupied…..They rarely seem to give any one thing their full attention…..They are simply too busy….Their relationships tend to suffer for this reason….They have taken on too much to simply give healthy focus to any one thing….including their relationships….A life that is rushed tends to be a life out of alignment......

Taking things off of our plate of life can simply be the best thing we can do. It gives us time and space to focus on what is important in our lives….We tend to enjoy more by doing less….That may sound odd…but for me it is true….I often do a pruning in my life…clearing things out that truly don’t belong in my life or that are simply taking up room….Leaving some open space for rest and relaxation….Time for me to simply enjoy my life….After all life is meant to be enjoyed and we can’t fully do that when we are Rushing….


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