Rutabaga Retraction!

Dear Readers,   

Although I’m a “vegetable ignoramus,” I do strive for accuracy in my veggie posts.  Last week I wrote about rutabagas and told you I found it difficult to tell rutabagas apart from purple top turnips.  Turns out, my confusion was worse than I thought.  The picture I posted and labeled as rutabagas was actually a picture of purple top turnips. An astute reader and vegetable expert noticed my error and gently corrected me….(thank you!) 

Pictures in last week’s post have been corrected, and this week, I offer you my rutabaga vs. purple top turnip comparison to clear up any confusion. In case you’re wondering, I swear, I really did EAT a rutabaga last week!  And it was good! 

These are NOT rutabagas, they are purple top turnips.


These ARE rutabagas. (Really, I promise!)


Side by side comparison.  Rutabaga vs. purple top turnip.


After they’re peeled. (Purple top turnip on left, rutabaga on right.)


Slicing through a turnip is like slicing through an apple.  Slicing through a rutabaga takes some effort.


I conducted a raw purple top turnip vs. raw rutabaga taste test for my classmates at a weekly writing workshop.




Raw purple top turnip beat raw rutabaga hands down.

I’ll have more on purple top turnips next week. 

Thanks for your understanding!  Please don’t take it out on the rutabaga.  Or the purple top turnip.


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