Ruth Harding

Freelance Writer
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It took Ruth Harding seven tries to find the right college major. She dabbled in musical theater, interior design, library science, and a few more majors before realizing that there was a reason she usually aced the essay portions of tests in any subject. She stayed put as an English major long enough to earn a degree. Soon after, Ruth and her husband had the first of their four children. For the next few years, the only thing Ruth used her degree for was the composition of very descriptive Christmas family newsletters. 

Eventually, the adventures of motherhood inspired Ruth to begin keeping her own blogs, A House in Holland and A Trip to Holland. Writing, designing, and managing blogs for her own personal enjoyment led Ruth to opportunities to do so professionally. She currently works as a freelance writer who specializes in virtually assisting professional bloggers. Writing, proofreading, photo editing, comment screening, and social media management are just a few of the many tasks Ruth handles for her clients at Windmill Words. She's passionate about helping bloggers to have the tools they need to grow their audience and the time they need to continue to create great content.

Ruth lives in Northern California with her family and dog.