A Sad Day for Our Winter Garden

I've been waiting to post a garden update. I planned to take a picture this weekend and write about all the zucchini we harvested last week. Our tomato plant is just covered in blossoms and little green tomatoes. The colors in our rainbow chard are becoming brighter as it gets bigger, our broccoli plants are going strong.


But things don't always go according to plan. A few days ago we noticed our zucchini plant looked a little droopy. I thought it was because we missed watering a day. Yesterday we realized lack of water wasn't the problem. Our zucchini and our yellow crooked neck squash were infested with squash vine borers.

Let me just say that grubs are disgusting--seeing grubs in the vine of my wonderful zucchini plant made me gag a little. It made my skin crawl. Ugh. So gross.

We discovered the grubs just minutes before our guests arrived for the birthday party yesterday and we didn't have time to do anything about them. The plants themselves still looked okay...a little wilted but not dead yet. I crossed my fingers that none of our guests would glimpse the nauseating grubs. I don't think anyone saw them.

This was our garden on October 31, the day of my last update

This morning I when to check on the plants. I'd read there wasn't much to be done once the grubs were in the vine. They were right. This morning my zucchini and yellow squash plants were dead. Wilted, shriveled, dead.

Sad day.

I'm pretty sure this is what happened to my squash plants last spring also. I never identified the problem. Now I know. Next time around we'll focus on prevention. Next time will be better. I'm learning as I go.

On the plus side, you can see how much the chard, tomato, and broccoli plants have grown!

Photo credit: Emily Sefcik


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