As I’ve previously written, we discovered that Poppet is afraid of the dark. Since then, our co-sleeping days seem to have come to an unexpected and bittersweet end. As much as I am loving the extra ZZZ’s I’m getting, I miss waking up to seeing Poppet’s big smile first thing in the morning, or being coaxed from slumber by a little hand stroking my hair, or little lips kissing my forehead, or little fingers prying my eyes open. Okay, that last one I could’ve done without!

I also don’t quite miss the lack of space for me in the bed, the around the clock night nursing, or the screaming Poppet to wake me up if I should try to roll over and get some sleep myself!  But I do miss her presence, immensely!

For all you former co-sleepers out there, how did you handle the transition?

Warmest regards,


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