The Sad, Sad Story of the Laptop

This is the sad, sad story of an HP laptop that gave up the ghost one fine day, not so long ago. This is a true story of illness [that is in the computer world], shock & sorrow and great courage in the face of defeat….

You see, there was this new little laptop that came to live with a family in Atlantic City, New Jersey…don’t blame it’s choice, it was shipped there against it’s will. It was shiny and new, yearning to surf the web and shoot the curl with the best of them…and so it did, for a while.

Then, one day, for no apparent reason, the little laptop felt ill. It found that it just couldn’t get going, at least every 2 weeks that is…and usually on a Sunday! After much stress and fervent prayer, the little laptop ‘restored’ itself to some previous unknown form…but still the illness lingered..deep in the recesses of its little mechanical heart.

On a day, not too long ago, the little laptop just couldn’t…no matter how much it told itself: “I think I can, I think I can….no….I can’t!” and, then it didn’t..anymore. It started its usual efforts to boot itself up….trying to stay strong, but froze in its track…there to stay forever.

No matter what heroic efforts were made to try and save little laptop, it was to no avail. It just remained frozen in eternity..with no hope, it was unplugged.

There was great sorrow for the demised of little laptop…so much so that there was shock throughout the land in which it lived and worked. How could life and work go on without little laptop there to make it happen?

Days went by, and then a miracle occurred….laptop was brought back to life anew. A whole new little laptop was born from this disaster….How?

After much thought and with great courage…an attempt to save little laptop was made…it took nerves of steel and breath held long with anticipation…but something must be done, and so it was.

Little laptop was placed upon the table, it’s battery removed for all to see….and then, with the push of a button…a black screen appeared, asking a fateful question:

“What mode do you want to start in?” ….the button was pushed, several windows into the jet black world of the mechanical life of the little laptop were revealed….and there it was….the answer!

Factory Restore?  Are you sure? Will Windows 7 go with it?

Nerves frayed, sweat dripping and breath held tight and long….the sequence was begun, with great hope hanging in the room. Would this do it? Will this be the answer?

The button was pushed, much like the detonation of the nuclear football….and then blackness struck, lights flashed, choking like activity came from little the screen changed many times, each time causing new scrolling of unreadable jibberish in little boxes.

Time passed slowly…oh so slowly. Hands became wet with nerves….many times there was false hope as a little message flashed: “Preparing Windows for your first use”….but more time followed along with more screen flashing.

Finally…finally….life was renewed, but differently. The once tacky blue of Windows 7 was gone…replaced by a soft grey. The dumb little bird within the swirls was also gone, replaced with a tasteful array of waves…..Who was this?

Little laptop had transformed into HP! There was no remnants of Windows ugliness, or its tasteless junky nature….just sleek and beautiful….so clean and new!

A sense of rebirth had come to little laptop…and it was true. This was a whole new fresh beginning for the little machine. No longer weighed down by unnecessary restrains of junk, it was unfettered to surf the web with wild abandon….all the more alive and free than ever.

And so, dear reader…this true story does come with a moral:

If you find that you are weighed down…no longer free to breath or live….abandon unnecessary junk, lighten your load….push you factory restore button and start over fresh and alive.

As I said, this is a true story…since little laptop typed it for you :D

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