The "Safe Haven" of Sports

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I do not coach. I do, however, attend each and every practice. I know what a luxury this is. Perhaps my hyper vigilance is unnecessary. But I do not care. These are MY girls. If someone is playing this big of a role in their lives, they will do so under my watchful eye. I would not have it any other way. To date, aside from the aforementioned coach, my girls have had very good coaches. When I have seen or heard something the least bit inappropriate, I have said so. It has only happened twice. Both times I was thanked for pointing out what it must have sounded like to the young girls and an apology was given by the coach. Youth sports is a joy. My daughters have made some amazing friends. Experienced some intense highs and had some sorrowful lows. Neither one has any problem identifying themselves as an athlete. However, it does not DEFINE them. They have taken some of their "on the field" lessons and translated them in the classroom, in the lunchroom, and on the playground.

When my husband uses a sport's metaphor in his mission statement for his business, it rings true. His employees huddle up and hang on his every word and he has the uncanny ability to "coach" each one exactly the way they need to be coached. With a pat on the back, an incentive to strive for more, or a challenge to rise up to par. To this day, he speaks with reverence about his coaches and how much they taught him about life. I know the Penn State coach will NOT have the same legacy, nor will the basketball coach here in our town.


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