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Safe Home Happy Mom is an online blog magazine geared towards the safety conscious mom! Americans are safer at work than they are at home - 11 times safer.

How does this affect our children and family? How do we ensure a safer environment for our family at home, child care centers, on vacations, etc. Since 1981, 367 children have been strangled to death by window cords. The number of people being hurt or killed each year because of unsafe behaviors is unacceptable. In 2007, there were 74,000 deaths in the home and community. Each of those deaths could have been prevented. Parents who childproof thoroughly still fall short at the end.

As a Chemical Engineer, I see a lot of manufacturing industries pay attention to safety. In most cases, if the job cannot be done safely, then you are not allowed to do it. It doesn't matter how much the company loses.

Our goal at Safe Home Happy Mom is to help us think about safety not only when we’re at work, but when we’re home and in our communities, in our vehicle, and on holiday vacations. By understanding the hazards presents, adopting safety as a fundamental right, and knowing that we can influence safe outcomes, we can make our homes a much safer place. Safe Home Happy Mom will cover issues concerning food, home, environmental and holiday safety, we will also enable our readers to attend local workshops, forums and include them in our everyday conversation.

Safety is important to us because we know its important to you. Please take some time to subscribe to our newsletters and be in the look out for fun giveaways from time to time.


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