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Another option is to use plastic wrap. Yes, that plastic wrap. As long as it’s not the microwave safe kind (which has small holes to let steam escape), it will protect you from sharing fluids. This is an even more favored option than the dental dam among many because you can wrap it around yourself without having to bother with a belt.

If one partner has a t-penis…

After having surgery, it can be difficult to find a condom that fits. If you are intended on penetrating your partner, many sites suggest using  either a finger cot or the thumb of a latex glove as a condom. The other option is to have your partner wear a female condom. As we mentioned above, female condoms may bear an unfortunate name, but they are considered to be a great alternative for the person being penetrated to wear in the vagina or anus. For those with a t-penis, they prove to be even more valuable than a regular, male condom because part of the female condom sits on the outside of the orifice, potentially offering greater protection to both partner from contact STDs like genital warts or herpes.

If your partner has a penis or a strapless and so do you…

Condoms, all the way, baby. Even if it’s for oral or anal. Our brother site, Condom Depot, has developed a great list on the best condoms for anal. Remember, even if you can’t ejaculate due to hormone therapy, you should still wear one if you’re going to be penetrating your partner in any way, and you should have them wear one as well. Remember, using lots of silicone lube will keep that condom from breaking if it’s being used for anal. 

Did I miss anything? Is there anything that you have found to be effective that isn’t listed? Anything we got wrong? Please let me know on tumblrFacebook, or Twitter!

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