Sahar's Blog

The author of The Spirit Within Club, Sahar was born the first of three siblings and the first of eight cousins. Thrust in the role of head of the brood at a very early age, she honed her imagination by creating stories and plotlines the eight of them could play to all summer long. But soon, her interest in the paranormal took its toll on said brood. Worried on the long-term effects (as well as potential therapy costs) of this continual exposure to increasingly scary stories her oldest was (too) expertly weaving for the ears of her her youngest children, her mother gave her a typewriter – and a writer was born. And although she has put pen to paper on many a different topic, nothing fascinates Sahar more than figuring out ways to contribute to the betterment of society, one small step at a time - and that is the one common feature of just about anything she writes about now.