SAHM Project - Entry Two

It is day two of the SAHM Project, and today is fine example of why I am so desperate to leave this place!

Cut-throat. Pirates. Betrayers. Back stabbers. All of these things perfectly describe my co-workers and the organization I work in.

Today, one of the only friends I have in this department became the center of a blame game from the higher ups. Worst of all, she’s not here today to defend herself against these claims (she’s out sick). Now I’m not saying that she is completely in the clear, because I do witness her sluffing off a bit when I visit her office. What I am saying is that the administration went about pointing out her transgressions in an egregiously public and embarrassing manner.

The person leading the crusade copied nearly everyone in the department on an email asking this co-worker why so many documents were missing and if she knew just what she’d put the college through. I’m a follower of Matthew 18 in the bible; If you feel that someone has done something wrong, take it up with them directly and privately first before letting others in on the conversation.

But that isn’t “how they roll” here at my job. Especially when it comes to gossip. Oh my. Have I seen some things.

To her secretary’s face my supervisor praises the work she does on her databases. Then in my office, she tells me that I should start keeping records because her secretary’s databases are useless and not worth the money the college spends for her to do them.

That same secretary (I’ll affectionately call her Betty Better Than the Rest, or Betty for short) is one of the worst people I may have ever encountered. She openly admits to everyone that she could do any of our jobs 100 times better than we can.

Here is the list of jobs in our department she’s told me she could do better:

* Database Analyst (or my friend mentioned above)
* Business Coordinator
* Academic Advisor (my job)
* Senior Secretary to the Dean
* Educational Technician (the guy in this position is a Master’s level computer programmer!! Come on Betty! Dream on!).

Her biggest point of contention, however, is that she can do everything better than these people with “paper” (college degrees). You see, she only graduated from high school and refuses to go back to school because the university insists she take the SAT and ACT. So because of her own stubborness, she cannot advance in her professional life. Sympathy?? I think not.

So there is my rant about my job for today. There are many of them, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. Afterall, I only have 38 days left until I’m outta here!!!!