SAHM Survival!

OOohh...Where to begin!! I have been a stay-at-home mom now for almost a year, and man-o-man sometimes I think work was easier than this! hehe But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I will admit I have my days where I want to lock myself in a room and just scream. There have been times that I have just broke down and cried. I mean, you can't even go to the bathroom without one following you, or the other crying as soon as you leave the room. But, these will be the days I look back on and want back.

So I have found the key to success to make sure you take as much time as to yourself to just break away and BREATHE!!! Luckily my husband is pretty good about helping out when he gets home from work, even when I know he is exhausted. Here are my survival tips to other stay-at-home mommy's out there♥ Walk away when you feel frustrated. (Your kids don't want to see you that way) ♥ Make sure you take time for you and your significant other to spend together. Because when the kids are gone, it will just be back to the two of you.


♥ Try to keep the kids occupied at ALL times. I know that may be difficult, but there are ways.


</> ♥ Re-connect with childhood games you grew up playing. ♥ Clean with them. For some reason if you clean with them, they are willing to do it. Make it FUN. ♥ Put your children to bed early. Like I said before...that should be your time with your significant other. ♥ Dance partys!! This is the favorite in my household. ♥ Just remember to have fun. You are making memories that will last a lifetime.



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