Transitions: Career to SAHM to WAHM

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Until 18 months ago I didn’t think I could ever be defined by an acronym. Then all of a sudden, SAHM! There it was. Maternity leave was over and I became a Stay-At-Home-Mother.

I originally planned to go back to work part-time when my baby reached six months. Once born there was no way I was putting her in childcare so soon. Luckily for me I had a choice. Just. And here I am, a little over two years on from her birth, a fully-fledged SAHM.

In an ideal world I would stay a SAHM until she is ready to fly the nest. But who ever lived in an ideal world. The reality is...

A. I don’t think I am capable of it. I have a selfish yearning to use my brain for things other than childcare.

B. We need the filthy lucre. Ok, we don’t absolutely NEED it, but it would make life easier.

C. The way this country is going, the Tinkerous Toddler could well be hanging around the nest until she is 40.

But to be truthful, I am greedy. I want more. I want to be there for her whenever she needs me, but I also want to get up and do my thing, like a, like a, like a... work machine.

Well, actually that’s just it. I don't want to be a work machine. I enjoyed my career, but it often consumed my life. It was a whirlwind of brainstorms and strategic huddles. There was no plain thinking allowed, it had to be either blue-sky or outside of the box. If I wasn’t getting the creative juices flowing, I was going for the low-hanging fruit. If I wasn’t cross-fertilizing campaigns, I was busy amplifying key messages.

I don't want that anymore. I'm not sure I wanted it that much in the first place. Not really. I simply got caught up in it whilst I was waiting to start a family. The hours were long, but the money was good and the associated frills were absolutely fabulous. But it’s a world that is behind me and I want it to stay that way.


So, four weeks in to the Tinkerous Toddler attending nursery, I am shaping a new world order. One where I can spend quality time with my daughter, be there when she needs me, do something that stimulates my brain AND bring in some cash.

Is it a tall order? Maybe. Is it doable? I hope so. You see I can already feel SAHM metamorphosing to WAHM. Yep, another acronym is now within my grasp.



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