SAHMs or part-timers: does returning to a career strike fear in your heart?

I was surprised to find that so many of the SAHMs  ready to revamp their career have the same hidden fears I do. 

I originally thought going back to work would be a piece of cake--until I reviewed my ten-year-old resume...then bombed my first interview, ummmhhh, and that "perfect job" that finally came along: it required paying someone else to drive my children to their sporting events because the hours overlaped. 
Change alone is scary, especially if your family/household depends heavily on you. Just a few things I find myself worrying about:


-managing a new schedule (and my old one)
-handling the double duties of work and home (in less than 24 hour periods)
-the loss of flexibility (think snow days and puking kids)
-the dreaded resume gap 
-outdated work-related skills

I'm working on an article covering options for SAHM ready to return to the office.  I'd love to hear success stories, tips and trials.  Another way to chime in: take my quick survey:






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