Sales & Marketing Track --The Life of a Sale

As a professional blogger you’re not just a Chief Marketing Officer for your personal brand, you are also a sales person - which can be a tough pill to swallow for even the heartiest solopreneur. This panel will help you take on a sales person’s mentality and apply it to your interactions with brands and marketers. As part of that mental shift, we’ll take a look at specific processes sales people use and help you create you own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach. Beth Blecherman from TechMamas will lead this conversation with Deb Rox of Platform UnlimitedAna Lydia Ochoa of Latina Lifestyle Bloggers, and Teneshia Jackson Warner of Egami Consulting Group. They will outline the five stages of a sale, and show you how those correlate to the work you’re already doing online. They’ll explore methods of managing contacts, tools to track customer interactions, including proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices, and how to leverage the CRM approach to get new customers, and foster repeat business.