Salsa de Tomatillos

Salsa de Tomatillos

Sometimes you don’t see things that are sitting right in front of you. I bought a handful of tomatillos in mid-October from a farmers’ market, promptly put them on a tray on my dining table and there they’ve sat ever since. Today had a sunny, bright sky that a friend remarked was nice to see after several days of  ”a sky the colour of cement”. It seemed as good a day as any to finally do something with the tomatillos and I decided to make salsa.

Having had no previous experience preparing them, I perused a few different recipes looking for basic techniques – some called for roasting the ingredients first, while others did not. I decided to pick and choose from a combination of methods and ingredients and, while it was still sunny, quickly husked, rinsed and chopped the tomatillos into quarters. I put them in a little roasting dish along with a few cloves of peeled garlic and a jalapeño pepper. I roasted them under the broiler for around 10 minutes, turning them several times, until slightly browned and soft.

I let them cool for a bit in the pan and then put them in the food processor along with some chopped cilantro and fresh lemon juice. Which is when things got a little wonky.

Let’s just say that this recipe needs tweaking. Nice flavor, but the proportions and quantities are not quite right, which is why I decided not to share the recipe here today – it’s just not quite right. Truth be told, if I wasn’t under the gun in my challenge to post every day this month, I might not have posted this entry today. But I figured these little tomatillos in their papery shells are nice to look at and would perhaps be an inspiration for someone else to make their own version of salsa. Possibly even share their recipe with me (hint hint)! I am anxious to try making it again, and I’ll surely do so next year when tomatillos are again in season. But all is not lost for today – I will be eating this batch of salsa on top of black beans and rice later, which I’m really looking forward to.


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