Salt and vinegar aren’t just for potato chips … they’re effective weed killers, too

On Wednesday I discussed the potential dangers of chemical herbicides. Today I have a host of natural solutions that effectively kill weeds. Try all the techniques until you find one that fits your de-weeding needs:
Vinegar’s acidity comes from acetic acid, a natural plant killer. Acetic acid isn’t picky – once it’s sprayed on a plant it kills, so be careful to spray vinegar only on weeds.
For an easy spray, spray undiluted vinegar (with a typical amount of five percent acidity) on a weed in full sunlight. You should see results within a few hours to a day later. For an even more effective spray, mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap with eight cups of vinegar. Also spray on weeds in direct sunlight.
If you’d like to get rid of weeds on a sidewalk or driveway, mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap, one-half cup table salt and eight cups of vinegar. Spray in sunlight, but be aware that the salt can damage the soil.
Boiling water
To try and cook the weeds to death, boil a kettle of water. Pour boiling water over weeds on a hot, sunny day and watch the results.
Talk back
Do you have any homemade weed prevention techniques? Have you tried any of these concoctions? How have they worked for you?

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