~Salted Rolo Babycakes!

~Salted Rolo Babycakes!

Let's take the "Salted Caramel" epidemic to another level shall we..with a salted ROLO, why not..right?!  :) 

I baked up some mini cupcakes (not much bigger than a ROLO) by using a box of regular White Cake Mix and a mini cupcake pan.

Simply place a ROLO on top of each cupcake when they're finished baking, and put them back into the oven for a few minutes..until the ROLO just starts to melt! 

Yeah, that's right!  :)

While they're warm, sprinkle them with a tiny bit of salt so it sticks to the warm chocolate (I used Fleur De Sel) but Kosher/Sea salt will work too!
After they've cooled, finish them with a drizzle of white chocolate..Dunkin Hines "Amazing Glazes" works great! 
These are small enough to pop into your mouth, all in one bite..so as to fully enjoy the caramel-salt trend experience! :)


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