Same old Same old

And another weekend bites the dust.

I bought new jeans. I know you've all been standing by with baited breath about that. I would have replaced them earlier but I wasn't sure what the official mourning period was and I didn't want to be seen as being thoughtless or not caring about them.

 As the other jeans died at Christmas and  now we're looking down Easter, I think I waited a fair amount of time. They weren't nice jeans anyway,  they were Sam's Club brand so if I had run to Sam's that afternoon and picked up a new pair I think would have been safe, I believe that the mourning period  for really nice, high end jeans like 7 for All Man Kind jeans is something like 27 months.

I should have gone back in December because when I went back to Sam's in February they no longer carried them in my size. Bummer. Old Navy was having a sale and so I  decided I had mourned an appropriate period and I went to get new ones. Do you know how many kinds of jeans Old Navy carries? About 267 and none of them are called "I Fit Diana" and that doesn't count the "boyfriend jeans" that look like your boyfriend ran over them with his truck and then used them to paint his bathroom. When  my jeans start to look like them, I buy new ones. I would have liked the style if they had carried any that didn't have paint splotches and rips included as I prefer to customize them myself. They were sold as "weekend jeans", I guess we aren't supposed to wear our boyfriend jeans on casual Fridays.

It was exhausting trying out multiple pairs of jeans, Note to self, perhaps 41 is too old, too tall, and too heavy to shop at Old Navy. I don't think I fall within their target demographic of   a  4 foot 11, 13 year old size 2 girl. I was even  shopping in the "women's" section but I think it refers to very young women, perhaps women who just that morning became a woman and now needs to buy some new jeans.

I didn't make more cookies for Dogger. I was going to but then I  ended up babysitting Nephy and I wasn't around the house much. I have never baby sat for him before and before this weekend I had never changed his diaper or fed him. His sister is three and I've never baby sat her either and I never changed any of her diapers.  Apparently my reputation as a  baby hating scum bag is pretty well entrenched.

I was glad to see that diapers and diapering haven't changed much since I worked daycare, I was relived to see that everything is still in the same place and there hasn't been any upgrades in the years since I was last in the business.  I did thoroughly  mess up their diaper genie and I'm pretty sure I put the last diaper on backwards - but  I think it was a defective diaper because I tried it both ways and it was backward both times. I managed to not diaper his head so I still count it as a win.

 Is Sotchi another word for Soviet? Some of those CGI ice sculptures in their film  smacked of  5 Year Plans and looked torn from  Soviet propaganda posters.


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