San Diego Brew Fest 2013

While on the food topic, I will add a quick side note of praise for Drink Eat Play, the San Diego Brew Fest 2013 event crew. Their trendy solution to equipping a grass field with its own mobile restaurants was impressive, but more importantly, I thought it was a great idea to expand their scope to hosting food vendors as well as brewers. Offering free food samples to the sloshed and famished makes for some impressive lines, but let us not bite the hand that feeds us . . . for free. Slater's 50/50 Burgers by Design  had the longest line of any booth (and certainly the longest name), but I figured it must be worth it. It was. I enjoyed my juicy, delicious and sizable free sample while listening to the surprisingly talented cover band, Black Crystal Wolf Kids and watching the entertainingly tipsy attempt to play Corn Hole (yes, that is an actual game involving tossing a bean bag through a hole). My last stop was Cow Bites Jerky, run by two (and only two) very hard working women in their thirties who make their own beef jerky in such microbrew enhanced flavors as Beer Garlic and Cow Bites Reserve. I walked away with their Blazin’ Horns, ‘cause this girl likes it hot.

And my final tip: Handy Hand Sanitizer

When your bursting bladder can no longer hold out against the desire to maintain a healthy distance from porta-potties, be prepared for the water to have long since run out at the hand-washing stations. I was hoping to make my personal goal of surviving the event sans porta-potty use, but it takes a stronger (or larger) bladder than mine. Luckily, it was about 10 minutes to the end of the event (still impressive, if I do say so myself) when I found myself without hand washing recourse, so I went, then I went- straight to my car and my mini hand sanitizer. That’s what I call success or just some fortuitous timing and a well-stocked car. Either way, I’ll take credit.

In summation, if you want good times under the San Diego sun with green grass, good music and great beer, just say yes to your next brew fest!

heatherHeather Wolf is involved in Real Estate and Finance by day, Theater Arts by night and now guest blogs for Her 30's.





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