San Diego, Day 10 - a day of rest. Port Angeles, WA to Guadalajara, Mexico, 16 days, 3000 miles - the Pacific Coast :)

We slept in until 10am and as soon as we woke Carlos and I took the longest showers of our lives. It had been days since we had been able to sleep in a bed and use a real, not-in-a-porta-cabin, shower. 

After Carlos finally finished in the shower and I finished drying my hair it was already lunch time and we still had a great amount in San Diego to see. However, Carlos and I really wanted to just relax for one day before our three days of constant driving. 

So we headed out towards the coast.  
We grabbed some sandwiches from a Vons (safeway) and drove out to the beach. On the way there we passed a pretty horrific car wreck, the people had been taken away but the over turned car and child's soft toy in the road were a pretty brutal picture. 

After a horrific amount of traffic and half an hour finding a parking spot we finally made it to Ocean Beach. The beach was awesome and just like baywatch with women in re bikinis running to save horny teenage boys from their 'deaths' - hell, I was tempted to run in myself. 

One half of the beach was entirely for dogs and smelt so bad but we walked far from the dog section and found a quiet spot in the sand to each our picnics and dribble over the lifeguards. 
Like all the beaches we had been to in California, huge groups of people played volleyball at nets placed along the beach. Some lucky people had some real old, and very little wooden huts on the beach - I dream of having a house like that. 

After eating our sandwiches we stripped down to our beachwear and bathed in the sun for a couple of hours. It was so good to feel the sun on my skin again after a month in Washington, under the sun is where I am meant to be. 

After a couple of hours lazing in the sun we returned to the car to find another area to explore, we wanted to visit downtown San Diego but without a detailed map and trying to save money we decided to stay close to the hotel. 

Driving back towards the hotel we saw a sign for San Diego's Historic Downtown and decided it would be a great place to visit. After finding some cheap parking we headed to the preserved little town. Walking in was like walking into the set of an old western movie and it was amazing. We have 'living museums' in England too, but it was incredible and so different to see an American one. 
The old town was awesome, it had a town hall, an old candy store - where I stocked up on liquorish, a store full of fossils, crystals and preserved butterflies. There was also a Spanish market, an old blacksmiths and old vehicles and machinery. 

We stayed in the town, mostly in the candy store and the one with the crystals and fossils- if only we'd had more money. The store really reminded me of shops in the town where my grandparents lived when I was growing up. We used to walk along the beaches picking fossils and then my parents would walk us through the town where the shops displayed huge ammonites fossils and giant purple geodes. 

At the wax works we watched a girl having a candle made from her hand, they were dipping her hand in cold water and then cold wax adding layer, after layer before eventually pulling it off in the shape of her hand (like so...)
Carlos and I gave up smoking on his birthday about a month before our visit to the old town, but we still visited the old smoke shop and it smelt incredible. I love the smell of cigars and old tobacco before it's lit :) We didn't give in to temptation and buy anything though - thank God for the e-cig :)
We left Old Town at sundown and decided, as we were in another of T-Rex's home towns, to eat his favourite fast food - the 'only in the south' In and Out burger chain. So super excited for our food we drove to the nearest one, stopping to ask for directions to the closest and we queued for ages (not quite 'in and out' but it must be good, to see so many people) at the counter we realised I was going to have to order somewhere else as they only had three things on the menu, beef burger, beef burger or beef burger :( 

Carlos got his burger and I ordered from another fast food chain called (something) pollos - a 'Mexican' chicken chain and had some not-so-delicious chicken nuggets... 

We took the food back to the motel and watched a movie before crashing early for the night in preparation for our eight hour drive across the desert the next day.... 



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