UPDATED: San Diego Pre-BlogHer '10 Meet-up: Firehouse in PB on JULY 19th 6PM

Who would be interested in a Pre-BlogHer '10 meet-up here in beautiful San Diego? I'm going to BlogHer in NYC, but if you're not and still want to hobknob, let's get together to other San Diego bloggers and get our schmooze on! Or booze. Whatever.

WHERE:  The Firehouse in Pacifci Beach on Grand Avenue
WHEN:  Monday, July 19th for Happy Hour starting at 6:00pm
WHO: anyone who is going to BlogHer, might miss BlogHer or otherwise wants to hang out!


INFO:  youplusmeceo proposed that we have the meet up at The Firehouse in Pacific Beach on Grand Avenue on Monday, July 19th for happy hour (time to be determined).

She's already reserved the top floor lounge area and apparently, valet parking is free (though tips are expected). They've worked out some happy hour specials, so this sounds ideal, but I'm not sure what a Monday evening time slot would be like for everyone.


I'm thinking July 17th, a Saturday, either in the afternoon or early evening somewhere, for a couple hours or so. Like maybe a happy hour? I know some of you may have kids, so later might be a challenge.

Venue ideas: A little something for everyone

  • The Pearl on Rosecrans for a retro poolside vibe. Martinis, anyone? (Don't worry, they have a full bar and soft drinks, too.)  (1 Vote)
  • Wine Steals on Rosecrans for a more sophisticated, relaxed, winery-type atmosphere. (it's all wine, tho, no other cocktails, but do have beer and soft drinks)  (2 Votes)
  • Urban Mo's (if you're down with the gayborhood -- because that's always a good time -- beautiful patio, fun people, good food, beverage of your choice) (1 Vote)
  • Shakespeare's Pub on India -- for you Anglophiles out there -- nice patio, yummy beer, good food, very casual. (1 Vote)
  • Cafe Coyote in Old Town for margaritas, homemade tortillas and people watching on the patio.(too many tourists!)
  • No Preference of Venue: (3 Votes)

What say you? Any interest? If so, let me know which day you'd prefer and which 2 venues you vote for. If you have friends that aren't apart of this group, but are local, let them know about this, too, and they can cast their vote.

If you have other venue ideas, I'm open to hearing those, too and we can all decide.


Thanks, all!


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