The San Francisco Giants Win the World Series as a Team

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After a 56 year wait, the San Francisco Giants finally won a World Series. I really wanted to call this post "There is no I in World Series" but, of course, there is one. There is also an I in Giants, one in San Francisco, and one in champion -- crushing my very best lede ideas. There isn't an I in the word October, which I always associate with the World Series, but since this particular series was won on November 1st, that doesn't really work either. My point, of course, is that The San Francisco Giants won the World Series and they did it as a team, and not just the 25 man roster either, but I'll get to that in a bit. There are no super stars on the Giant's roster.

Don't believe me? The World Series MVP is named Edgar Renteria. Unless you live in San Francisco or you are a die hard baseball fan, you probably never even heard that name until last week. The Giants won the championship without a Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez or Manny Ramirez. Yes, the New York Yankees paid almost $98,000,000 more in salaries this year (the entire SF payroll was $ 97,828,833 and the NYY payroll was $203,333,389) than the Giants, and it was San Francisco that brought home the pennant. I don't mean to infer that the Giants don't have any talent -- they absolutely do -- Tim Linceum is a monster and Aaron Rowand is no slouch. Really, the entire team is talented, and they just play as a team. I like that.

The series itself was not a nail biter -- San Francisco took it 4 games to 1 -- but they did it in a way that you would want to tell your children about. "Hey kids look! The Wonder Pets were right. Teamwork is what is going to work!" The baseball players all worked together on the field, but this organization is also saying that they could not have done it without their families, coaches and support staff.

Stage 1 of the celebration included a huge traveling party of front-office people, including ticket sellers, maintenance crew and security guards. They boarded airport-bound buses shortly after the last out in Texas, then were told that they should come back into the stadium and on the field. The Giants' brass had secured permission for them to celebrate with the team. An array of employees will walk the parade route, accompanying cable-car replicas carrying the baseball crew. Well before they became world champions, the Giants had saluted the behind-the-scenes workers. After the team clinched the division title, manager Bruce Bochy toured the offices and thanked everyone. Some players followed suit. - Gwen Knapp - SFist


This isn't the kind of thing you hear about every year. That office staff won the series too, so did their security guards, so did the maintenance crew. This team shows class by acknowledging it. It is rare you even hear of a team thanking the front office, but a team celebrating with the ticket takers? That shows grace. Somebody should talk to the NBA and NFL about this kind of graciousness. Yes, I am looking at the Miami Heat. I wasn't a San Francisco fan before they won the series, I wasn't even really rooting for The Giants, but I will next time. I like the way the operate.

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