Sharon Day: Burdening Women With Misleading Information About ObamaCare

I’d like to take a moment to address the false and misleading claims made by Sharon Day in her post ObamaCare: Burdening Women.

 If one reads through quickly, it seems as if ObamaCare, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, has decimated families across the country. Day makes it seem as though women are having their health insurance stripped away and that these women are now going to have to pay exorbitant amounts for healthcare coverage if they want it back.

 According to Day, "It’s clear that all Americans are living under the burdens of ObamaCare—but women, particularly healthy young women, may be feeling that burden the most."

 Really? I'm an American, and I am not living under such a burden. I haven't been affected negatively by ObamaCare at all. Neither were 56,000 Oregonians who have signed up for health insurance in the past three weeks - cutting that state's amount of uninsured by a whopping ten percent already. Those folks also appear to have not been feeling "the burden", and I'm fairly confident that a large make-up of those 56,000 individuals are women. 

 Aside from Oregon as stated above, Kentucky's Governor says "We're signing up people at roughly a thousand a day. It's a great rate and a great success so far."

In Washington state, among those who have enrolled so far, about 31,000 have enrolled in Medicaid coverage, while more than 4,500 have enrolled in private health plans.

 To me it doesn’t sound like "It's clear that all Americans are living under the burdens of Obamacare...", it sounds more like a lot of people are being helped out by finally having access to affordable healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. Oh, and those “healthy young women” she mentioned that may be feeling the burden the most - let’s not forget that individuals under the age of 26 are allowed to continue coverage on their parents health plan - whether they’re married or single.

Day continues her misinformation by saying “We learned that in my home state of Florida, when “Florida Blue” was forced to cancel 300,000 policies – about 80 percent -- of its individual policies in the state. The sad reality is that women are losing their health insurance, paying exponentially more for expensive coverage, fearing that they will lose their doctor or their hours at work.”

What Day failed to explain was that those policies were cancelled because they did not rise up to the level necessary for adequate health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. That’s right - her home state of Florida wasn’t providing decent enough health care to 80 percent of its individual policies in the state, and ObamaCare stepped in so that the state would up its game.

 Luckily, these 300,000 individuals that had been provided with inadequate medical care are now eligible to receive better health care coverage because of the Affordable Care Act. Not only were all 300,000 individuals being made aware of this news via mail, they were also given instructions on where to go to find better health plans, which, by the way, will be subsidized for those who qualify. 

 The reality, which Sharon Day so conveniently left out of her post, is that if there is a financial burden on an individual or family, there are ways in which those people can get a discounted rate, or if the situation warrants, pay nothing at all.

It’s clear Sharon Day is a big proponent of spreading the myth that ObamaCare is bad for women. In reality, it’s an enormous game changer for women. No longer will women have to pay more than men for health care just for simply being a woman. Woman are now entitled to free (yes - free) preventive care and contraception. Women will now have guaranteed maternity coverage, whereas before ObamaCare, only twelve percent of plans sold on the private market provided that benefit. (Really.) All of those things sounds incredibly great for women - and these are only a few of the positive benefits arising from ObamaCare.

My advice to Sharon Day in regards to her post would be to stop disseminating false information. By doing so, you’re much more of a burden to women than ObamaCare in its current state could ever be.


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