Sandwich and Stars and Another Big Bento

It was pointed out to me yesterday that calling the bento I made for myself an "adult" bento could cause some confusion. So I'll be calling them kid bentos and big bentos from now on! So now that that's settled... I took some inspiration for Miss Girl's bento from yesterday's. She tends to like fewer and fewer "kid" things. So here's her lunch:  photo 2013-01-31083447_zps145ef6dc.jpg The top tier has half a muenster and veggie bologna sandwich, lettuce, pickle, baby red sweet pepper, and a sword pick of olives.  photo 2013-01-31083458_zps5f769098.jpg The bottom tier has a BabyBel with a star cutout, some red grapes, and some mango stars. She was really looking forward to this one! And here's today's big bento:  photo 2013-01-31140028_zps22fda3b7.jpg A pastrami, ham, muenster, cheddar, and pepperoni wrap (with lots of lovely veggies on it too); a little rosette of pepperoni; carrot and celery sticks; two sword picks of olives; a BabyBel; a boiled egg; and some pineapple for dessert. Not as colorful as I would've liked, but overall I'm pretty pleased with the result.

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