Sandy Hook - We Will Never Know Why

The tragedy in Connecticut will be one people will not soon forget. I don't want to make light of all the other mass shootings, they are just as horrible, but this one seems to resonate a little deeper do to the young innocence of the victims. I'm sure people will spend hours analyzing why and how and trying to find reason for the outburst of sadistic violence. I honestly think we will never know. People who are capable of doing things like that are obviously not rational, their reasonings are so far-fetched and beyond the realm on normal. It will almost be impossible to decipher.

Somehow that makes it all the harder to grasp and makes the anger a little greater.

People will ultimately ask what kind of monster could do this. The news is already speculating that he had some mental issues (duh...) but who's to say that was the root of his evil. People will also cry for stiffer gun control. Will it help? Maybe in some cases. But let's be realistic, where there is a will, there is a way.

I answer some of these questions like I'm an expert. For the record,  I'm not. But I do have a child that is prone to violence. I've lived with first hand knowledge that the anger and volatile nature of a person doesn't always have easy answers. That's what makes it hard. You never know what will be a hot button and trigger an outburst. Sometimes they slow build, like a bon fire at the beach. You see the small streams of smoke and eventually see the true rage of a full-blown fire. But other times it's not so easy to spot. A simple response or question can escalate to an extreme situation within seconds. I'm not putting my son in the same realm as these people, I'm just saying that I have witnessed some of the unpredictability of anger and I know enough to not speculate what made this guy do the unthinkable.

For myself I'm chosing to not focus of the monster that did this, he deserves very little of the news stories and bylines. To mention his name will only give him the notoriety he probably wanted. I hope he rots in hell. But those kids, they deserve more. And the teachers and staff who tried to block bullets and kept the rest of the kids safe, they deserve the title of HERO. Those are the people we should cry over, honor  and mourn.

God Bless them all.

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