Sane Work/Life Practices for Leaders

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One of the most annoying phrases ever to be coined was 24/7. What the heck happens 24/7? Human beings aren't built for that kind of demand. Here are some proven leadership practices from an executive for maintaining balance and sanity between life and work.

Want to take the 24 out of 24/7? I was at lunch the other day with a friend who is a senior leader at her company. She was talking about how many junior women “opt out” as they think about having families. This, despite all the work her company, a leader in work-life flexibility options, has done to improve the situation for working families. In fact, a McKinsey study reports that C-suite executives believe the top two barriers to the advancement of women are women’s “double-burden” (work and family responsibilities) and our 24/7 “always on” work environments.

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