Santa Bread Recipe

santa bread  I am so thrilled about how this Santa Bread turned out and my kids were just giddy helping me make it. They kept telling me which part of his facce they were going to eat when it was done.  First you need to make your dough. Here is my go to recipe. Whether you use a mixer, bread machine or hand knead, I have got you covered! Make sure you have a little red food coloring on hand too. I am not an artist at all. I can't draw a stick figure to save my life so being able to create art with the bread blew my mind! Plus it's something you can get the kids to help you with! IMG_0552  After your dough has risen, divide it in 2 pieces, with one being a little bigger. IMG_0553  Next roll out the bigger piece of dough into this type of oval shape and place it on a cookie sheet.  IMG_0554  Divide the smaller piece of dough into 2 pieces. Roll out in a rounded rectangle and slice off the top to make it even. Cut up dough into strands for the beard. IMG_0556  Place on top of the dough on the cookie sheet and twist each of the strands. IMG_0557  Next break off a small piece of dough for the mustache and roll out. IMG_0558  Next cut both sides of the dough, leaving a little strip in the middle. IMG_0559  Twist the strips just like you did the beard. IMG_0560  Then fold over the stache and place it on the big man. IMG_0561  Leave a little opening between the beard and the mustache for the mouth. IMG_0562  Add a cute little button nose. IMG_0563  Next you need to form the rim of your hat so bring back those play dough days and make your best snake then flatten it out a little. IMG_0564  Place is on the top half of the santa. IMG_0565  Next roll out the hat into this shape. IMG_0566   Fold the little hat over and put on top of bread and make a little ball for the hat. IMG_0567  Get 2 eggs. Put the yolks in 2 different bowls and use a little food coloring to color one of them red. IMG_0568  Paint the beard, and mustache with the yellow egg yolk and the hat, cheeks and nose with the red egg yolk. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until beard is golden brown.   sNT

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